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Author: Whitney

Lizzie’s Wish Day 4

Today was a little slower paced. We slept in, at our house that just means to 07:10, and had a leisurely breakfast. Got to meet Pluto, Mickey Mouse, and Mary Poppins! Lizzie was a happy girl! Seriously, she kept giving Mickey sugars and was enthralled with her favorite “real life” movie character, Mary Poppins! We went to the village arcade and then swam and played on the splash pad until Miss Priss signed “finished”. We came back to our villa and Lizzie passed out during her lunch feeding. She woke up happy and ready to go! We went to...

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Lizzie’s Wish Day 3

Day 3 began with Princess Lizzie meeting her most favorite princess, Belle! What a sweet moment for our girl! Belle was amazing and very understanding with Lizzie. Some of you know Lizzie has sensory issues and will not touch plush, velvety materials so Belle’s dress was a little overwhelming for her. But Belle’s gloves, they were perfect. Lizzie was thrilled. First, she loves gloves (must have something to do with just about every adult she was in contact with during her 5 month hospital stay always wore gloves around her), and second, they were her favorite satiny material. Lizzie...

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Lizzie’s Wish Days 1 & 2

Y’all, this place is amazing. Give Kids The World is a very special resort made especially for “wish” families. I have never experienced anything like it. Every single person here has been run through the ringer, on multiple occasions. Every single parent here knows what it is to watch their child suffer in unimaginable ways. Every single sibling here has seen their brother or sister hurt and their parents helplessly struggle through the darkest days of their lives, all while keeping a brave face themselves. Every single wish child here has stared death in the eyes and has either...

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To be her voice is my honor and privilege right now. I truly thought she would be talking by now, I truly though she would be eating by now.  But she is not doing either.  So I will continue to press on for her.  As the result of some very screwed up insurance rules and regulations, for several months Lizzie went without the multiple therapies she desperately needed after our move from Lackland Air Force Base to Washington DC.  Same military?  Yes. Same health care system? Yes.  Different region of the US?  Yes.  Same special needs?  Yes.  Same orders...

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