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Ready for “normal”….

I’m sitting at a fancy glass desk looking through a window onto one of the biggest cities in the world. I am embarrassed I’ve never even heard of it before this adoption. Guangzhou is a beautiful city, clean with flowers and greenery everywhere. Anyway, I’m sitting here with the huge window to one side and a full wall mirror in front of me. I’m pretending to be a real live author in a swanky little high rise office,

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June 26, 2013 “Medical and Passport Day”

Today we had to take our sweet baby to the clinic for her US Consulate medical exam. It was a hard thing to be a part of. The doctors there were surprised she didn’t come straight from the hospital and that she had never been treated. Today we had our first experience with blood work and seeing worried medical professionals hoover over our baby and not being able to do a thing to help. She is so very sick and so very tiny, it’s easy to forget thoat because she is so happy. I did not like this part of the day.

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