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DAY 126…

DAY 126…

I don’t have time for many details and I didn’t say anything earlier because it was literally a last minute decision and I did not want anyone (or myself) to be disappointed…  BUT, Lizzie is home!!!!!   She was having a bit of a rough morning as she still recovering/suffering from the flu, but it was decided she could recuperate here better than she could in the hospital.  Basically, the hospital is no place for our sick daughter, lol!  She has a cardiology and pulmonology appointment tomorrow morning, home-health has come and gone, and Lizzie’s room has transformed into a well stocked hospital room over the past week.  We have some busy and scary days ahead but this momma is happy to have all her babies under one roof for the first time in 126 days!!!! We celebrated with Chinese food and ice cream sundaes (for the boys).  I’ll post more as I have the time.  OH MY GOSH, WE ARE HOME!!!!!!!

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  1. brooke

    So happy for you guys! Yayyyy

  2. Lee Ann

    So excited you are all home. Praise God! Praying.

  3. Rebecca

    Can not imagine your emotions. Just so thrilled and thanking God for you tonight.

  4. Sue Slack

    Rejoicing with you that Lizzie is home. Will continue to pray for your family.

  5. Beccy

    YAY!!!!! So happy for you. Wll be praying for rest and endurance for you all, and for her to heal up quickly.

  6. Anita

    Oh, I’m so happy for all of you! It’s going to be the first step forward in a series of leaps and bounds! I just know it 🙂

  7. Peggy

    So thankful! I will keep praying for complete healing for sweet little Lizzie.

  8. Lee Tanzillo

    God Bless all of you! You have certainly beenthrough it and held on to your faith through so much! Enjoy having your sweet heart HOME and having everyone together again! Hugs to all :)!

  9. Bethany Wildon

    omgosh!!!!!!! What a beautiful site! So excited for your family! Such a big day, big night! Party at the Fowler’s house. Who knew normal could feel so amazing!


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