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Dossier to China!!!

Dossier to China!!!

Dossier to China!!!

by | Mar 7, 2013 | From The Ends Of The Earth, Lizzie's Story | 0 comments

Last week this beautiful flower was a tiny bud. After almost a
year of nothing I woke up Monday to find her in full bloom.
I think it’s pretty awesome,  and it sums up this process!

For those not in the midst of an adoption, “dossier to China” means very little. I had no idea what it was myself, I thought your dossier was a person, like one of those fancy French words for a social worker that specializes in adoption or something.  Nope, your dossier is basically a fancy word for your entire life compiled into 5,823 pieces of paper (your fingerprints, your upbringing, your financial history, your deepest darkest secrets, your dog’s nephew’s cousin’s mother-in-law’s address, etc). Getting the dossier together is what initially makes adopting people a tad nutty (the nuttiness increases I’ve discovered). And when that portion of the journey is over, it’s a whole bunch of waiting as “your life” travels the world without you, hopefully getting approval and acceptance from various government entities along the way. Hence the blog…

Lizzie's Story: dossier to china!!!
I had to do something to celebrate our exciting news. So
we celebrated Fowler style! With food (pizza to be precise)! 

So “dossier to China” is a big step, it means it’s been approved by US Immigration, made its way to the Chinese consulate for translation, back to the adoption agency, and now on its way to China for their ok to adopt. Still very confusing to grasp if you’re not in it yourself… Anyway, we found out Monday we’re now in the DTC (Dossier to China) phase!! Hurray!! While there is still a lot of waiting, major things can/will start happening (like finding out who exactly our little girl is)!!!

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Touch the Sky is working to support the adoption of a girl who was previously advocated by the name Tamarix. She is a bright, beautiful 12 year old little girl from Xi'an China who is deaf. She loves to draw and the orphanage director says she often draws picture of a family. She very much wants to be adopted and wants a family desperately.  Go to their page to learn how you can donate or buy a t-shirt/tote bag to support a grant that will allow a family to bring her home.

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