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This Easter I am reminded of how our expectations can really mess up a day.  I’m serious, how many of you took pictures of your kids’ baskets perfectly lined up and ready to be devoured last night?  How many dressed your kids in matchy matchy dresses and ties or t-shirts and made them stand still while you took that perfect picture?  How many of you had to threaten them with their lives to quit goofing off during the pictures?  Or how many people saw looks or even heard words of disappointment when they realized all they “got was candy” or they didn’t get a certain toy in their basket?  Seriously, I remember getting a tray of peeps, some robin eggs, and a chocolate bunny in my basket every year and LOVING it.   When, who, and why did we start doing any more than this?IMG_9067

For real, I placed the baskets in just the right position so (in pictures) my house would look clean and tidy.  Then I realized my husband was videoing the kids FROM THE WRONG ANGLE!   What was he thinking?!   Seriously, there was a laundry basket overflowing and an unfolded blanket on the floor and cups and junk on the coffee table.  The horror!  I am seriously on camera, amidst the joy of Easter morning basket fun, fussing at my husband for filming from a different angle than I had planned.  What was I thinking?!  What was I teaching my kids?  The horror!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen we got ready for church.  Everyone wore something we already had in our closets this year.     So this started as a relatively stress free dressing experience, all I had to do was iron.  And we were sorta matchy matchy so the pictures would be perfect! And then they weren’t.  Pants didn’t quite fit, something was spilled on a tie,  someone didn’t like her tights, etc.  We tried to get a few decent shots anyway but then Josh reminded me we’d be late to church, that we’d just get them after.  I was all huffy because he just didn’t get it.  We’d all be disheveled and probably dirty by the time we got home.  Ugh!

Lizzie is not quite healthy enough so we kept her with us and held her through the service.  Then she got squirmy and loud when the preacher started.  So I took her out in the hall while Josh and everyone else stayed for the sermon.  There is a TV out there so I figured I’d listen while pushing the stroller around.  As we wheeled to the standing area a man walked over and firmly/loudly planted a sign about 10 feet from me that read “QUIET, service in session”.  Now, he was not doing that to us directly, but he was clearly trying to make a point to the chatterers standing by the coffee stand.  Never the less, I didn’t want to disturb anyone in the hall further so we walked on and out the door to the van.IMG_9081

I started to feel kinda sorry for myself as I waited out there.  Oh and I insulted some white lady when I asked her where her daughters were from before church started.  She apparently doesn’t like that her half Chinese daughters look more like their father than her.  I was just trying to find common ground and make a friend. Why does everything have to be so hard?  Why can’t anything just be easy?  Just once?   Waahh, Waaaahhhh, Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!  Really?  What was wrong with me? I totally lost the point of the day. My life is what it is and I probably wouldn’t know how to react to “easy” anyway.   Why do I do this to myself?   I began to realize I will always have laundry in at least one corner of my house.  Someone will always spill something on themselves.  Someone will always get sick.  Someone will always make a face, pass gas, pick their nose, or refuse to smile in a picture.  In fact, in my house, someone is likely to do all the above at one time.  This is what I should start expecting.



One of my most favorite people in the world is visiting us for a couple weeks.  My cousin Alexis actually begs to come spend time with me and my wackos.  We’ve named it “Camp Crazy”.  During our “struggles” this morning she was smiling every time I looked at her.   She makes us all aspire to be kinder, better people.  She literally finds joy in all situations.  She thinks our life is hilarious and just sits back and soaks it all in.  I need to take lessons from her, we all do.  It’s so much better to find the joy in things and ignore all the funk, the funk pulls you down so quickly if you let it…  So as we took our after-church-frazzled-family-Easter selfies, rather than stress when it wasn’t working, I just laughed.  Our lunch was delightful, though in desperate need of etiquette reform.  Everyone enjoyed the egg hunt, though I’m certain Lizzie thinks we do the strangest things.  It ended up being a beautiful afternoon and everyone had a great day.  I’m so thankful for this time with my family.  I hope you all ended up enjoying your day too, even if your expectations weren’t met quite the way you planned!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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