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She did great!

She did great!

The surgery was able to take place today, Lizzie’s viral panel and cultures all came back clear and she remained fever free since Wednesday. For those who don’t follow us on Facebook but are interested, I’ve copied and pasted the latest Facebook update below.  If you are antsy for more updates on Lizzie and the rest of our crew, please join us at

“Sweet Lizzie… She did great! The g-tube placement went well and the bronchoscopy showed improvement! Her airway to her left lung was completely collapsed before, today it was 25% open! Praise God! The doctors now feel comfortable trying her on a nasal cannula during the day and only the bi-pap mask at night. And if she’s not quite ready for that, we at least know she is making progress. At the very least, weaning her bi-pap settings is something she should be able to tolerate. They did discover one of her vocal chords is paralyzed, explaining her quiet little voice and difficulty swallowing. This may or may not be something she recovers from but likely she will. Right now Lizzie is sleeping, she is in pain and was having some difficulty breathing. After some morphine and toradol she is stable now. Please pray for a quick and easy recovery from her latest procedure!”

I am so incredibly thankful.  Words simply cannot adequately express what my heart has felt throughout this journey. I told some friends earlier, these procedures made me more emotional than the others.  Crazy since it was the least invasive! It’s been such a roller coaster.  I think I was just afraid to have any expectations from the bronchoscopy and the g-tube made me question if there was something more I could have done to help her learn to eat.  We are so happy for the improvement in her lungs and I do know she really needed the g-tube, her eating difficulties have absolutely nothing to do with what I did or did not do. Today the plan is to leave her on bi-pap, tomorrow when she’s not so sleepy they will try nasal cannula trials.  Praying for a healthy and progressive next week for our little girl!


Here’s sweet Lizzie with a few of her favorite things. She’s cuddled up with her rubber glove, her blanket, her super heart cape from Nurse Taryn, her favorite pillow case from the Saine girls, and the metal crib rail; she’s in her safe place.



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