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Happy Birthday, Lizzie!!!

Happy Birthday, Lizzie!!!

Today sweet Lizzie turned 3 years old.  We did not let being in the hospital stop us from partying with our baby girl!  Because it was her first ever birthday celebration she had her own smash cake (that she wouldn’t taste until I gave her one of her oral care swabs), we went ahead and covered her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthdays. Like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and even Columbus day 🙂 this first was not what I had in mind when planning in my head back in June (yes, I’m a crazy who starts planning cakes and party themes about 9 mos in advance), but it was a really good day.  I want to say a big thanks to the fabulous childlife specialist, Miss Britney, for her help in lugging the food up, decorating, and making sure the playroom was scrubbed from top to bottom. And a big fat thanks to all the  therapists, nurses, doctors, and friends (I haven’t really given them an option, they’re our friends now) who love our baby girl and helped make her birthday special.  It did wonders for our little ones, the boys really seemed to enjoy it as well.  Lizzie’s spirits were lifted and she remained happy after her big day.  She kissed her daddy and I heard her soft, sweet little voice say “momma”  for the first time in a very long time when I held her.  Neither of us expected to get such amazing gifts on HER birthday!  I’m going to leave this post short and sweet but will fill it with pictures for your enjoyment.


photo 2-83

photo 1-83

Lizzie ready for the party! Isn’t she the cutest?!

photo 3-66

Yummy! There’s a CFA across the street from the hospital, they gave us a good deal on the food.


photo 4-53

She didn’t know what to think at first!

photo 1-81

Lizzie’s birthday parade! She enjoyed seeing other children.

photo 3-65

If she didn’t have so many chords I think sis would be running!

photo 5-28

This truck was a hit!

photo 4-52

truckin’ with big bro

photo 2-82


photo 2-81

Play room/Party room

photo 3-64

Play room/Party room

photo 5-27


photo 4-51


photo 5-26


photo 1-80


photo 2-80

Some of Lizzie’s favorite folks

photo 3-63

Lizzie and her nurse, Yvette, she got iced!

photo 4-50

The after party

photo 5-25

A happy birthday girl after her bath! She opted for no pants. I said “hey, it’s your day, go pantless if you want to!”

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  1. Sue Slack

    Once again I’m reading a post with tears streaming down my face as I read about God’s goodness to Lizzie and your family. I’m sure it was a very happy birthday.

  2. Rebecca

    Happy birthday, Lizzie. Haven’t stopped praying over her and all of you. Keep the posts coming. There is an army of people praying.

  3. Lee tanzillo

    Happy Birthday Lizzie!
    Bless you and your family !

  4. Anita

    Happy Belated Birthday sweet girl!!


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