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Happy Heart Day, Sweet Susan Elizabeth!

Happy Heart Day, Sweet Susan Elizabeth!

On this day one year ago my life, our lives, were completely changed forever.  Today is the anniversary of Lizzie’s first open heart surgery and the anniversary of the start of many relationships I will always cherish.  From housekeepers to surgeons, I know without a doubt God placed them all in our lives precisely when we needed them the most.  For when we needed to cry, when we (me) needed to scream (sorry about that), when we needed to feed our boys, when we needed rides, when we needed a hug, even when we needed to laugh.  On one of the darkest days Josh and I made our way to the cafeteria and the lady working the grill got so tickled by Josh’s accent when he ordered a burger & fries.  She called him her very own “Bill Clinton” from that day on.  We still laugh about that.

This day last year seems like yesterday but also a lifetime ago.  It began a time in my life when living in a hospital for nearly 5 months became normal.  While I am out and about enjoying this beautiful fall day, last year was not the same and my heart goes out to the mommas and daddies who don’t dare leave.  Who simply can’t leave.  On this day last year our family was broken.  We learned what it was to be powerless.  We also learned what it was to be held.  To be redeemed. We walked through the fire, and came out refined.

While it was the hardest and most trying time for us, I am thankful for the growth and healing we all experienced. And I pray we never lose sight of what our family went through.  It feels good to be at a place again when the most difficult part of our day is trying to get all the boys to different practices and games at the same time 30 minutes away.  I mean there’s still the oxygen, and tube feeds, and vomit thrown in the daily mix, but you know what I mean!   Thank you for praying and loving our family through this year.

2014-05-30 Lizzie Shoot

 Happy Heart Day, Sweet Susan Elizabeth!

Heres a link to the first blog of her “healing heart” story:

and a link to her video slideshow:

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