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Today I have nothing near as exciting as mummified poultry to write about. I did, however, come very close to taking the washing machine repairman hostage.  My washer went out last week and it took the man 3 trips to actually fix the problem (plus 3 full days waiting on his arrival because it’s always that last half hour in the window when repairmen show). After replacing a part yesterday and not actually making sure it worked, he left and never returned my calls. So when he told me he was leaving today because he had another call to make and didn’t want to wait the full wash cycle to ensure the problem was corrected, I had to stand my ground. There was a couple weeks worth of clothing, sheets, and towels needing to be washed. There was just cause for me to take a hostage, but I am glad he came to his senses before I did. I could have taken him, I think he was scared.

See, that’s boring. But this is life! I will be doing laundry till the cows come home to catch up and that’s ok because it means my family actually has clothes to wear.  A lot of clothes to wear. I’m looking forward to adding a little more pink in our laundry piles, maybe it’ll make it a tad more fun???
hostage Lizzie's Story
Our dog, Irish, taking a rest on one of the foothills of the Laundry Mountain Range

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  1. Jennifer

    Sorry to say, after 4 girls, NO, pink does not make laundry fun. It will, however, VASTLY increase your laundry as girls go through 2-3 costume changes a day.


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