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I like the name Elizabeth…

I like the name Elizabeth…

I like the name Elizabeth…

by | May 21, 2013 | Family, From The Ends Of The Earth, Lizzie's Story | 1 comment

It’s been a while since we’ve had any “exciting” adoption news to share.  Things are moving on along and we are currently waiting on our travel approval (TA), we could possibly be traveling to get our little one in a month!  All that’s left on our end is to get ready for Little Miss and get ready to go.  Between our day to day activities and organizing/begging folks to sign up for the Virtual Race and/or Buy a Shirt , that should be no sweat.  Right!?!

I’m going to share a funny story with you now.  At least I think it’s funny, better to laugh than cry I suppose.  This will give you a glimpse of what I’ve had to deal with as the only female in our family.  First, please note that Josh and I have had a name for our daughter picked out since December 2003.  We had just discovered we were expecting our first child and I asked Josh “if we have a little girl could we name her Susan Elizabeth after Susan (my stepmother who had passed away the previous summer)”.  He said “I like the name Elizabeth”.  To clarify I then asked, “So we CAN name her Susan Elizabeth and just call her by her middle name???”  Josh said, “That’ll be fine with me”.   It was the only name we had ever agreed on, we never had boy names picked out.

Now, fast forward to May 2013.  The other day, Josh was reading the blip I wrote under the Meet Susan Elizabeth section of our website.  Serious as a heart attack he asks, “Elizabeth was Susan’s middle name too?”  I just stared at him, my mouth wide open, there were crickets chirping in the background.  I then recited our nearly decade old conversation to him.  And he says,  “I said I liked the name Elizabeth, I thought you just added it on to Susan because it sounded good”.  I busted out laughing, nearly wet my pants.

Josh has many wonderful qualities.  He is an excellent father and husband.  And according to his momma there is no finer son (she says that about all 4 of her boys though).  She’s a grandmother now and I’m afraid has forgotten what a stinker he was.  She giggles at her grandsons’ antics and says “oh, they’re just like their daddy”.  I won’t spoil her memories of her baby boy, but I will have to say communication has never been his strong point.  He actually fell asleep in the “communication” portion of our premarital counseling videos.   He is also an engineer, the finer “details” of life take up very little space in his head.  I’d like to say the revelation of him not knowing the origin of our only daughter’s name is a surprise to me, but it’s not.  I am just glad we cleared it up before filling out her new birth certificate.


Our first “personalized” gift!


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  1. Whitney

    I want to add I had full permission to post this about my husband! Aside from the occasional communication issues, he’s an amazing guy! 😉


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