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I’m Useless!

I’m Useless!

I’m Useless!

by | Mar 26, 2013 | From The Ends Of The Earth, Lizzie's Story | 1 comment

It’s a good thing my boys are smart cuz I sure haven’t been able to focus much on their schoolin’ since Little Miss has entered our lives! I was determined to get a full day in today but just after lunch I got a call from our agency informing us we have our LID. LID stands for Log In Date and basically means we’re now waiting on China to give us their official approval. It’ll probably be a couple of months before we receive LOA (Letter of Acceptance) but the ball is definitely rolling in the right direction!

It takes very little to distract me from what I “need” to be doing when it comes to my Susan Elizabeth! I don’t think the boys mind, I just announced “you have your sister to thank, momma is declaring it a half day. I’ve gotta do, umm, stuff, yes that’s it, stuff…” There really isn’t much I can do for her at this moment, so to speak, so here I am blogging and looking at her sweet face and praying she feels the love we have for her from so many many miles away.  If anyone knows how to transform “staring at my baby’s picture on the computer” into something like getting the laundry done or the floors mopped, please let me know!

For those worried about my boys’ education, I promise I’ll snap out of it soon. They have been taught to embrace their inner nerd and are pretty self sufficient and resilient, I hope… Now it’s on to the next baseball game!

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Touch the Sky is working to support the adoption of a girl who was previously advocated by the name Tamarix. She is a bright, beautiful 12 year old little girl from Xi'an China who is deaf. She loves to draw and the orphanage director says she often draws picture of a family. She very much wants to be adopted and wants a family desperately.  Go to their page to learn how you can donate or buy a t-shirt/tote bag to support a grant that will allow a family to bring her home.

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  1. Aaron and Erica

    Your posts always make me laugh girl! I love this little girl already…and I can’t wait to see her in your arms.


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