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家庭 (jiātíng), Ohana, Family

家庭 (jiātíng), Ohana, Family

Lizzie’s flight from Hong Kong to Hawaii went well.  As we flew across the Pacific Ocean in an air ambulance, holding our precious daughter in our arms as she slept, we had never felt so humbled. The enormity of the situation hit us both squarely, so many things and so many people working together for one tiny little bitty child.  How could this be anything but Divine?  We are so very blessed.

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We arrived safely in Honolulu Friday afternoon after flying through the night.  When we landed the doctors and nurse flying with us clapped, I did too!  From there we were taken via ambulance to the hospital for overnight observation. We did not tell the boys we were in town, didn’t want to scare or upset them by meeting their sister for the first time in a hospital.  Although, now that i think about it, the hospital stay was much like a stay after having a newborn and that IS generally were siblings meet for the first time.  I even slept in the bed with the crib next to me and Josh was on the not so comfy “dad” pullout chair.  She started crying in the night and I sleepily asked Josh to take care of her while I slept (he was able to sleep on the plane while I held and took care of the baby).  And he did, he rocked her and sang to her just like he did our other babies.

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After Lizzie proved to be stable, she was discharged and off we went to see all of our kiddos!  My dad came to get us and we snuck in while the boys were downstairs swimming.  Luke came in first, singing “head shoulders knees and toes”, he dropped his swimming trunks and went into the bedroom naked as a jay bird still singing and oblivious.  Jacob and Taylor came in next and they saw us at the same time.  Jacob looked pleasantly shocked and Taylor yelled “LIZZIE!”  Luke then came running out, still naked, and was so excited.  We had to tell him to put some clothes on!  It was such a sweet moment.  It was the moment this all became truly real for each of them.  Up to this point, Susan Elizabeth had been a face on a screen to them.

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I do think she recognized her brothers.  There truly seemed to be an immediate connection.  She checked them each out individually and already has them wrapped around her little finger, just like her daddy.  Luke said he thought he was dreaming, Taylor said it was the best day of his life, and Jacob came back from a trip to the walmart with Princess Little People toys he bought for her himself.  She is an amazing little girl and the perfect addition to our family!  Every day gets better and better as we watch her blossom and see our family mold into something new.

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We’ve spent the past week  “stranded” in Hawaii while we wait for the next medical flight out. We are so fortunate to have parents living here!  While we are not exactly home, it sure beats a hotel!  We visited the North Shore, enjoyed some shaved ice, toured Pearl Harbor, played on the beach, and finished it off with a luau (per doctors orders to have fun).  It was a fun a surreal way to bond as a family.  Lizzie fits right in and loves to go!  Good thing!  Oh and we also learned she’s gained over 2 lbs since we’ve had her, yay!!!!  Too bad her daddy and I have too, boo!

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We left Friday morning for our next leg of the trip.  From Honolulu we took a medical/cargo flight to San Diego.  This flight was not as luxurious our flight from Hong Kong but Little Miss was well cared for, I suppose that was the point.  The boys thought it was awesome.  We again have an overnight stay (or two) in a hospital here. Josh and the boys leave this morning for San Antonio (on a commercial flight), while us ladies leave in the morning on our final med flight to home (or the hospital and then home).  I’m not sure what the plan is from there, but I know we are being taken care of every step of the way and finding comfort and patience in that. I will try to be better about blogging, and again, thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouraging words!  I cherish each and every one.

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  1. tricia

    Fantastic experience for all! I bet the boys thought being on a military plane was very cool, especially after being in the Air Force all their lives. So grateful, so very grateful. Our God is an awesome God!

  2. Cherie Schneider

    I have been following your amazing journey, and am starting to worry since you haven’t updated in awhile. Praying all is well with sweet Lizzie.

    • Whitney

      So far so good! Sorry for the delay in writing. We’ve been busy! Working on a update now with lots of pictures. Thank you for your prayers!


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