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June 25, 2013 “Adoption Day”

June 25, 2013 “Adoption Day”

June 25, 2013 “Adoption Day”

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Adoption, From The Ends Of The Earth, Lizzie's Story | 1 comment

Sweet Lizzie slept like a baby and woke up ready for a new day.  She seemed a little disoriented at first, but it didn’t take long for the sweet grin to appear.  I dressed her for our big day, complete with a bow! She tried taking it off at first, but then saw her self in the mirror and LOVED it!   Today we went to the civil affairs office for two interviews to finalize the adoption.  After being asked if we were satisfied with our child, promising never to leave or hurt her, and being asked why we would want more children (especially a sick one), Susan Elizabeth Fowler legally became our daughter!!!  Seems like fireworks should be going off in celebration, but instead we came home to a tired and hungry baby.  We celebrated in a very normal day kind of way, with bottles and naps and a walk around the hotel, a journey with the Cook family to the “walmart”, and dinner at the Italian restaurant.  It was perfect.

I am in awe at the relationship that has formed between Lizzie and Josh.  For those who do not know him, Josh is not known for being soft.  At all.  He is now, however, a goner. When it comes to his baby girl he has been reduced to a jar of marshmallow fluff. She cries when he leaves the room.  She lights up when he enters.  At dinner, he got up to go to the buffet line, she literally tried to get out of her high chair to get to him.  Momma wasn’t cutting it, she only wanted her BaBa (Cantonese for daddy).   It absolutely thrills my soul to see this very special relationship unfold.

I’m keeping this one short and sweet.  I think the pictures are what y’all are really wanting to see anyway!  Thank you all again for keeping our family in your prayers and supporting us through this amazing time in our lives!

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Touch the Sky is working to support the adoption of a girl who was previously advocated by the name Tamarix. She is a bright, beautiful 12 year old little girl from Xi'an China who is deaf. She loves to draw and the orphanage director says she often draws picture of a family. She very much wants to be adopted and wants a family desperately.  Go to their page to learn how you can donate or buy a t-shirt/tote bag to support a grant that will allow a family to bring her home.

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  1. Lessy Fowler

    Suzoo is so precious! I can*t wait to spoil her. She is our very own miracle! I am praying for a safe and speedy return. Much love always, Lessy


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