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Not normal, hmmmph!

Not normal, hmmmph!

Ok, so the prayers worked, except not exactly how I envisioned them to.  Lizzie’s surgery was cancelled yesterday but nobody from the Surgery/GI side felt it necessary to tell the PICU or Lizzie.  We had her awake and ready this morning and nobody came for her.  I was not and still am not a happy momma.  It was all a matter of miscommunication and a big source of frustration for me.  The surgeon apologized and followed up with , “well, at least it’s just one more day”.  I informed him it was a whole lot more than one more day, that we have been here 114 days, that we could of had the surgery last week but we were waiting on them, or we could of had it on Monday.  One more day my foot.

As I sat and stewed Lizzie fell asleep in my arms at 09:30.  Not normal.  She woke up about an hour later, I put her in her bed and she threw up all the feeds they had just restarted after they were held the night before.  We cleaned her up, convinced ourselves it was just from her tummy being sensitive after being empty, and then watched her lay quietly in he crib.  Not normal.  I held her again and gave her a little sip of water.  She reached for her bed so I put her back in.  She proceeded to vomit again.  Cleaned her up again and watched her fall asleep again.  Not normal. Took her temp and it was 101.1, decided to see if it was just a fluke and waited to see if it would spike higher.  They swabbed her for a viral panel just to be safe.  I went to lunch, came back and she threw up after her feeds again.  Not normal. Cleaned her up and I held her, she fell asleep again. Not normal.  She was switched from bolus feeds of formula to a slow continuous flow of Pedialyte. She woke up after I tried putting her in the bed and looked so pitiful.  We took her temp again and it was 104.3.  A full panel of cultures are currently being drawn and here we sit.  Things are not normal.

So, in hindsight the surgery being cancelled is a good thing, she seemed fine early this morning and would have been wheeled back to the OR without a second thought.  Going under anesthesia with a virus on board in a healthy person is very dangerous, don’t want to think about what could have happened if Lizzie went to the OR as fragile she is, they already were taking extra care with her.  Though I wish it was done last week I sort of understand the holiday being an issue, but it was another week of exposure. I have to remind  myself she wouldn’t have been quite ready to go home anyway, but still!!!!!!!!!   AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!   Ok, I feel a little better.  God is looking out for my girl, He is still in control, I will however not ever brag about a finish line being barely almost visible again.  The surgery may take place on Friday if she has stabilized by then.  The Tylenol and Pedialyte has boosted her spirits a bit already.  Hoping and praying the viral panel does not show anything like the flu or RSV.   I am trying really hard to be positive, I’m thankful Lizzie was protected yet again.  Please keep lifting our girl up and thank you all for the encouragement.



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  1. Pamela Waters

    I am sooo sorry that Lizzy isn’t feeling well. I pray it is a simple stomach virus that passes very quickly. I cannot imagine the frustration and concerns you are experiencing. I do not know you, of course, but feel that I do. I pray for all of your family and all that care for Lizzy. I do not know why a precious baby has to go through this, and know we are not to question God.I will continue to pray for strength and peace for you and your family. I Lizzie progresses quickly and you can all return to a “” routine

  2. Heidi

    Oh goodness 🙁 bless her little heart. I hope she feels better soon and that Friday will be a go. Sweet little princess !
    Bless you too !! What a day for you both 🙁 Here is to a better tomorrow.


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