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One small step…

One small step…

This video actually took place a over a week ago but I was waiting on Lizzie’s daddy to write the blog and share it because he said he wanted to.  For some reason he never found the time between balancing a full time job, getting 3 boys to and from school every day, as well feeding, bathing, and doing homework with them, and somehow making time for the girls in his life.  Sorry for the delay in sharing such an amazing milestone in our princess’ life, I promise you’ll want to look at it!  It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Lizzie!

Good stuff, right?!?  Amazing grace just barely sums up what we have been a part of!  Please pray Lizzie gets over the flu quickly so she can walk straight out the door!  Be blessed my friends and, again, thank you for the continued support and encouragement! Can’t imagine a single step of this journey without you!

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  1. Beccy

    Awesome!!!! Still praying for yall! Thanks for the christmas letter!


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