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Passing the time, still…

Passing the time, still…

Passing the time, still…

by | Mar 21, 2013 | From The Ends Of The Earth, Lizzie's Story | 0 comments


Texas Style Grooms Cake
It’s been a crazy week or two around these parts, complete with a wedding and making of the grooms cake, bridesmaids brunch cake, pneumonia, baseball, 14th birthday cake making and celebration, baseball, doctor appointments, baseball, and my sweet cousin Alexis coming to visit! Because of all the sicknesses and chaos I’ve declared it spring break take two at the ole Fowler Academy with just a little math and history in the mornings. The good thing is all this has kept me from going totally nutso while waiting on some crucial bits of adoption news. I’d otherwise be dying over here!
Thankfully Jacob simply wanted to stay home (with just us, no friends) to celebrate his birthday, grill burgers, eat cake, the end. No balloons or goodie bags for Jakey-poo any more. Good thing nobody was invited, Jacob must have had some type of foreshadowing. During the course of the meal there was a major drink spillage by one little brother and vomiting by the other little brother along with several other lesser offenses. All on the floor I just mopped. Jacob took it all in stride, I did not. I later asked him if he was embarrased by us and can you believe he said “yes”?!?  This makes me sad and happy simultaneously. Kinda like when I was a little girl, I used to loooove tattling on my brothers but then would get a twinge of regret when I’d see the disappointment in my parents’ face. Just a twinge. While I’m secure with my own level of cool momness, I do just a little bit dislike the thought of my child being embarrassed by me. Oh well, it’s good for us both!
Oh, and what else does a mom do when running around like a chicken with her head cut off? She decides to put the crib together in middle of all the insanity. It was in the guest room in a bazillion pieces. It made perfect sense to do it today when I won’t have a child to put in it for several more months. Perfect sense! Well, at least my cousin can actually walk in the room now. Hope she doesn’t mind being squeezed in there! I also now know why the honor of “building” the crib is usually bestowed upon the baby daddy. Putting cribs together = no fun. Next time we need it I shall try to exercise a little more patience and wait for Josh to do it. Adoption nesting is weird, but I’ve found staying busy is key! I’m quite accomplished in that skill.
Lizzie's Story: passing the time, still...
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