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Random CrAzY Boys: Rockin Out the Days!

Random CrAzY Boys: Rockin Out the Days!

Random CrAzY Boys: Rockin Out the Days!

by | Jun 6, 2013 | From The Ends Of The Earth, Raising Boys | 0 comments

I am so very thankful for my boys. Although, I find it quite peculiar how the 3 humans on the planet most capable of turning me into a basket case are also the very same people who help me maintain my sanity.  After a super stressful week, a couple moments stand out that make me smile.  In the midst of dealing with crazy adoption stuff Jacob, Luke, and Taylor can always make me laugh.  This picture was in the boys’ photo session preview with Jennifer we got this week, I love it.


For example, Monday morning was a doozie. Just before I was about to leave for our meeting with Lizzie’s cardiologist, Luke got sick.  He did not make it to the bathroom in time but he did manage to keep it on the hardwood floor and not the carpet or furniture.  While on the way to the bathroom he didn’t quite make it, again.  We called this a “mega barf” experience. While I cleaned and mopped the floors and got Luke settled, I told Jacob and Taylor to stay far away from Luke and told them to do everything they could to protect themselves from the potential stomach bug looming over us all.  They disappeared after  thorough examination and description of Luke’s emesis. They returned as “barf guards” with swords and all.  This even made Luke laugh.  By the way, he felt fine the rest of the day, thank you Lord for keeping the rest of us free from the bug!!!!

.photo 4

Earlier in the week we stopped by an area aquatics center to check on swim lessons.  While there, I found an employee to probe for some information.  This young man happened to be dressed in a speedo with no shirt.  The boys stepped away and actually were quiet while I spoke with him.  I thought they may have been weirded out by the speedo, I did not care as long as they were quiet.  Once he walked away, they came back over to me and Luke said “Momma, that guy had huge and awesome armpit hair”.  I busted out laughing, and though it never occurred to me to really checkout his armpits, I will admit Luke was right.  The things that impress little boys will never cease to amaze me. (I did not take a picture of the his underarms, sorry).

While I am not surprised by the fact Taylor was “impressed” with this next “funny moment”, I am still left shaking my head. Last Wednesday, my step brother AJ and his girlfriend came in from Dallas to take the boys to SixFlags. While Taylor and I were in line (the others were off  riding crazy roller coasters) we stood next to a well endowed scantly clad young lady.  Taylor announces “she has giant pushy things”.  She did hear him.  What do you do with that?  What do you say?  I informed him we need to keep such thoughts to ourselves from now on, I should have told the girl to put some clothes on.  He’s 5 and he loves the ladies, I am in trouble.  (Sorry, no pushy things picture either)

.photo 2

photo 1-2

This post is full of too much information and for that I apologize.  Y’all are just going to have to deal with me while I wait, writing is therapeutic to me  and the silliness of my boys is too.  I wonder what these little blessing will put me through today?!? If you enjoy reading stories of my kiddos, and aren’t easily offended by little boy humor, checkout these pasts posts: The Joys of Boys and Wrappin’ It Up .


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