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Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady wins the race.  Lizzie has had a pretty good past few days, and after several not so great ones, we are so thankful. She is very slowly making progress and is more and more like her old self every day. I think she’s over the worst of the the withdrawal issues she was having, I can not express how hard that was to watch and I am so glad it’s behind us.  It occurred to me today Lizzie has been acting out her very own one-man rendition of  The Tortoise and the Hare.  She’s tried the quick and easy way and lost her steam, on multiple occasions.  Now she’s on turtle mode (yes I know it’s not the same as a tortoise but turtles are cuter).  She has made it clear she will not be rushed and she will make all the decisions.  However, don’t tell her, everyday her X-rays look a little less hazy, her lungs sound a little less funky, and her labs look a little less scary.  Praise God!

Her sweet daddy sent her worn out momma home Thursday night and stayed on duty until tonight (Saturday).  It was the longest I have been away from my girl but much needed down time.  Though not exactly sure you can call the past 2 days down time, it was really good to be with my boys.  School lunch visits, football games, birthday party, cook out with friends, changing sheets, shopping for/filling Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, flu shots, etc.  After tucking the boys in Thursday, I curled up on the couch.  The plan was to watch a little tv with Jacob and then go to bed.   I passed out instantly, at 9:00 Jacob came downstairs to ask me a question, I was full on drooling and couldn’t put a thought together.  I tried to get up, didn’t happen.  Then at 10:30 woke up to a very odd sensation and odor.  My sweet dog had placed all but one paw, which stayed on the ground because she knows she’s not allowed on the couch, on my person.  She maneuvered my hand on top of her head and  had me petting her in my sleep.  She also had her mouth on my face and was intermittently licking me.  Who knows how long it had been going on.  I made it upstairs, was about to shower but decided to just lay on my bed for a second.  I woke up the next morning fully clothed in the exact same position.  I reckon I was tired.

When we traded shifts tonight Josh met the boys and I in the cafeteria for dinner and then we let the boys say hi really quick to their sister.  As we were waiting for the elevator to the PICU, Taylor said “we look like a real family, only without Lizzie”.  I know this is so hard for them, turtle speed is not something any of us is accustomed to.  Lizzie was snoozing when we walked in but she perked right up when she heard us.  She grinned when she saw me and reached for me to hold her.  She loved the balloons the boys brought her (one good thing about this place, they allow mylar balloons) and played and played with them.  We said goodbye to our 4 favorite guys and then settled in for a night of Cinderella and Mary Poppins.  I was thrilled to find she LOVES some MP!  I got a text from Josh earlier saying “I hope you are happy. Can’t stop singing Spoonful of Sugar”.  Yes, it does make me very happy indeed! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for her future, she’s already accomplished what I’ve tried years to do, Josh is a changed man!

photo 1-64

Play time!

photo 2-64

This is huge, LIzzie’s first voluntary eating/chewing of food. She was only given a bottle in the orphanage and had refused to eat anything. She is having to learn to swallow/eat after being on the ventilator so long and never learning how to chew. She ate the whole thing!

photo 3-51

Taylor at the world’s coolest pajama, afro circus, movie theater birthday party.

photo 4-38

Superman was adopted too 😉

photo 1-63

Luke (#30) showing off his sweet flag football skills.

photo 2-63


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