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The joys of boys

The joys of boys

The joys of boys

by | Apr 11, 2013 | From The Ends Of The Earth, Raising Boys | 3 comments

While wasting time between dropping Jacob off for warm up Luke, Taylor, and I decided to peruse the aisles of Target until game time. It is amazing what sorts of things go on while browsing a store with a 5 and 8 year old boy in just 45 minutes. In the first few moments I was talked out of buying the cute pink, baby blue, lime green and purple dry erase marker set, I thought it was so cute and would make me feel happy to write with while teaching. We instead ended up with the red, blue, black, and green boring markers. Luke said he wouldn’t “learn using girly colors”. Far be it from me to hold him back in his studies.

Then on to the Lego section we went, where we stared at boxes of tiny plastics bricks for what seemed like decades. Our house will bust if another Lego finds its way in. Seriously. After dragging them away, we journeyed through the baby section, just to look. Taylor thought the “Lightning McQueen toilet” and the other varieties of potty chairs were hysterical. He and Luke then started making various potty sounds and laughed and laughed, I tried to pretend I didn’t know them. I saw a young pregnant momma with her little registry gun stare at us, I’m sure she was thinking to her unknowing-self that her precious darling would never behave in such a manner. Hahahahaha! She probably registered for pacifier sanitizing wipes and other such first-child-only items. After I got my fill of looking at pink sippy cups, pink strollers, pink towels, pink toddler cutlery, etc we started making our way to the front of the store.

Before we checked out I decided to take a quick glance at the ladies bathing suits. Not sure why I thought this to be a good idea, I’m smarter than that really. My sweet little Taylor has loved the female form from quite an early age. Having all those bathing suits tops within arms reach and at eye level was more than he could resist. I hear “PUSHY THINGS!!!!”, and turn immediately to see him poking at every padded top he could get his little paws on. He was in heaven. Luke was cracking up. I quickly realized my error and removed the party from the ladies department.

While venturing to the cashier, we passed a large display of feminine hygiene products. Luke says, “Tampax Pearls. What in the world are those things anyway?” Luke has one volume, LOUD. His inside voice is loud, his outside voice is loud, his library voice is loud. I tried acting like I didn’t hear him, didn’t work. He repeated the question. I gave him a very vague response and saying ladies use them in the restroom. Luke then wonders loudly to himself  “well what do they do with them and where in the world do they put them?” I am normally quick on my feet and able to throw out clever responses to Luke’s deep questions but not this time, I had nothing. Taylor decided at that exact moment to buy a gigantic box of princess Pullups for his new sister. In his attempt to grab a box twice his size he knocked about 7 boxes down.  Crisis diverted, I was able to escape without further discussion regarding the female reproductive system.

Somehow we made it out of the store unscathed yet they still suckered me into buying them popcorn from the snack bar. These children of mine keep me on my toes. While I was a bit off my game on this particular journey, this is everyday with them. The moments may not all be pleasant but they are never dull. I am constantly amazed how someone is capable of making me so very crazy yet so very happy at the same time. Counting down the days until a little more crazy & a little more happy joins this family forever!! We love you Baby Girl!

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  1. Rachel

    Buy the popcorn on the way in – a little less talking/questions. 😉

    • Whitney

      I normally do, Rachel, but we needed a snack for the baseball game.

  2. Jennifer

    …and riotous laughing ensued at my house upon reading


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