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How can it already be tomorrow?  Wasn’t it just yesterday?  Just yesterday my baby boy was born, today he started kindergarten.  Just yesterday I told Taylor everything would be ok, he was going to do just fine. I told him he would make new friends and learn lots of new things.  That he’d have a wonderful time, tomorrow…  Now its today. Today Taylor woke me up at 4:30 wanting to know if it was time to get ready for school.  Today my sweet Luke began the 3rd grade and just last week Jacob started high school.  I am a mess.


Taylor is actually wearing his teddy bear’s costume in this picture


I’ll be the first to admit, I am one of “those moms”.  I am over bearing, I am protective, and I have a really really hard time letting go.  I want to be the homeroom mom and team mom and the all-up-in-their-business mom. I simply cannot help it, it’s my nature.  So today, when I finally left Taylor’s classroom, after getting him settled in, I went to leave but couldn’t.  I wandered the parking lot pushing Lizzie in the stroller.  I found another momma to talk to in hopes of catching one more glance.   Then it started sprinkling, then the sky opened up and a downpour began.  It rains maybe one and a half times a year in Texas, so I got the point.  I ran Lizzie to the van and got her and the camera in, threw the stroller in the back and left…





And then I cried.  I feel so torn.  We made the decision not to homeschool this year so I could be there for Lizzie and her special needs.  This decision was a very difficult one for me, but I am finding peace in knowing my boys are with people who love them and will help them grow into Godly young men.   I can only imagine what kinda mess I’d be right now without her sweetness to comfort me!  We came in chilled from being soaked in the rain, I got her dressed and changed in to my running gear.  When I picked Lizzie up she hugged me so tight and clapped her hands.  Today it’s just me and my girl.  We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.





This is not of today but last week at Jacob’s first week of school and Lizzie’s first experience in the car pickup line. She looks so impressed… Better get used to it, sister!

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