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Various States of Waiting

Various States of Waiting

Various States of Waiting

by | Feb 12, 2013 | From The Ends Of The Earth, Lizzie's Story | 2 comments

As I sit while my 8 year old baby has his tonsils and adenoids removed, tubes in his ears, and a nasal scope (aka “the works” in the ENT world) I find myself waiting, again.  This time I’m surrounded by other folks in various states of waiting along with me. Some are quiet, some anxious, some are relieved after getting good news, some are ticked because they’ve been here a long time without any word, some are devastated by what they have heard, and some are chatty and sharing a little too much. While the gentleman sitting across from me is pleasant enough, I am certain his wife does not want him informing me (and the rest of those fortunate enough to hear) that she “is having her inside lady parts taken out”. Today I am thankful for my husband who only speaks when spoken to and sometimes not even then!

Luke did great and we are now waiting in the recovery phase. I am so incredibly thankful for a successful operation and hopeful for improved breathing, sleeping, and overall health. As I look at him I am amazed at how quickly time has gone by. Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was born?? I swear it feels that way. He’s now entering the stage of somewhere between little boy and almost big. Oh, he is so precious to me! I’ve got to figure out a way to slow all this down, to take in every blessed moment I’m given with my children, before I know it they’ll be grown and gone.

Although it’s not all too out of character for Luke to be a sweetie on a normal day, I’m secretly treasuring the lovey residing side effects anesthesia is having on him. He just wants me to hug him and love him. He keeps looking at me and saying how much he loves me. Oddly, what touches my heart the most is hearing him ask for his daddy. Josh stayed home with the other two boys today but is now on his way to be here for his little boy even though we’re coming home this evening. I’m in awe at just how powerful a child’s need for a father truly is, yet it’s all too often over looked. While little boys and girls love their mommas, they need their daddies just as equally. God’s perfect design.

Now I wait for the hours to pass till we get to leave. Luke is content playing his DS till the cows come home and doing his best to break the all time record of popsicles eaten at this facility. The doctor informed us he can’t overdose on popsicles, lets just hope he knows what he’s talking about!

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  1. Aaron and Erica

    So glad your little man is recovering well! I hope he sleeps better and is not in too much pain tonight.

  2. Jennifer

    LOL re: Josh. Reminds me of how you once told me I was the only friend he answered the phone for…just long enough to say *insert grunty voice* “Hang on, here’s Whit”. No conversationalist you’ve got there. Makes me wonder where Luke’s chatty cathy-ness comes from. Oh, wait…it’s YOU ;O

    Glad Luke’s doing better these days


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